We are GO for launch!

When we get to Earth, I’ll take you there.
— Captain Janeway

Stardate: 06202019

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Welcome to the Captain Janeway Bloomington Collective!

We have officially launched on a voyage to create a lasting memorial to Star Trek’s Captain Janeway. The Janeway Collective is proud to have reached this milestone, and thrilled you are along with us for the ride. A lot of moving parts had to align behind the scenes for us to get this far, and now that they have, we are ready to fold YOU into the ranks of our crew.

It is fitting, perhaps, that our official launch corresponds with humanity’s first imprints on the Moon, as our first steps have also seemed quite momentous. What started as a mere hope in the minds of a few Bloomington locals has grown in a matter of weeks to a full-fledged plan of action.

The Janeway Collective has solidified our partnerships with Artisan Alley, the City of Bloomington, and our artist Sharon Fullingim. A local Bloomington non-profit, Artisan Alley is allowing us to use their space and their financial services to accept donations. A dedicated non-profit bank account is important for us to make sure every donation goes toward our final goal.

The City of Bloomington has given us a spot for our sculpture. The exact location has yet to be determined, but somewhere along the B-Line trail, which crosses through the heart of Bloomington, will serve as the monument’s future home.

b line render.jpeg

Professional limestone artist Sharon Fullingim has begun work designing our Janeway bust. We’ll soon be reaching out to other partners that have expertise in statue maintenance, as well as outdoor museum-quality displays, so that we can showcase scientific aspects and other educational components we hope to incorporate into the design.

Limestone has a special, symbolic connection to Bloomington. The official stone of Indiana, limestone has been used in art and architecture throughout the state for over a hundred and fifty years. In honoring Captain Janeway, the Collective also wanted to honor the great state of her home. Featured alongside an information panel to highlight the trail-blazing nature of the show and the science that goes with it, this monument will serve to memorialize the fictional character and educate its visitors on the real-world implications behind her role.

We are so excited this project is finally getting off the ground, and hope you’ll join us on the voyage. Become a part of the Janeway Collective, and donate today!

LCARS_mask_5 copy.png
Josh Dinner