"There are three things to remember about being a starship captain. Keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship... and never abandon a member of your crew."

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We need you.

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This project is completely dependent on donations from you and our community.

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Donate during our Patronicity campaign between October 22 — December 22 and have your contribution doubled, thanks to the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority.

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The cost

Our goal:




Non-profit start up costs and fees


Website, marketing & promotional materials


Sculpture installment Commemoration event


Janeway Sculpture

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Reward tiers are cumulative.

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Our target unveiling event for the Captain Janeway monument is May 20, 2020: Janeway’s birthday, on Star Trek: Voyager’s twenty-fifth anniversary year. An Ensign-level donation ensures your name will be included in the day’s programs event booklet!


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Receive an original, officially licensed Star Trek: Voyager/Bloomington-themed print from famous comic book artist J.K. Woodward.

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Commander-level sponsors will receive a special miniature Hero Collector Captain Janeway bust from Eaglemoss’s official Star Trek Busts Collection.


Captain & Admiral

Alongside the Captain Janeway monument will stand a 24x36 inch information display table highlighting the character’s connection to Bloomington. This table will include a permanent list of our most generous sponsors. Admiral-level sponsors, whose names will be displayed larger, have the option to include a business logo.

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