Leadership, exemplified.

The Captain Janeway Bloomington Collective is raising money to install a celebratory monument to the Star Trek: Voyager character, and her connection to Bloomington, IN, her future birthplace.

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Donate to our Patronicity campaign between October 22 — December 22 to have your contribution doubled, thanks to the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority.

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The Design

“In honor of Captain Janeway's leadership, and the accomplishments of others inspired by her character.”

Our goal:

The Captain Janeway Bloomington Collective is working with the City of Bloomington to find a home for a bronze bust of Kate Mulgrew’s character, Captain Kathryn Janeway, from Star Trek: Voyager, to sit atop a limestone base with water-cut stainless steel plating, alongside an information and educational display table.

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May 2019

"Captain Janeway embodies what I would hope future mankind to be... intelligent, assertive, yet yielding."

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